Phase III

Asset Integration, Coordination and Collaboration

As families move to Phase III, they are able to better capitalize on opportunities to more effectively protect and transfer their personal and corporate wealth to future generations. In Phase III, we collaborate with our clients trusted professionals (CPA, Attorney, Wealth Manager, Financial Planner, Family office, etc.) to provide sound insurance based strategies to help accomplish their multi-generational planning objectives. This harmonious integration, coordination and collaboration leaves clients with the peace of mind they truly deserve.

Some of our Phase III strategies include:

● Captive Insurance Companies

● Intergenerational Split Dollar Arrangements

● Premium Financed Life Insurance

● Life Insurance inside a Qualified Plan

● LI as a Permission Slip

● Life Insurance as an Asset Class

● Life Insurance to Magnify Charitable Giving

● Utilizing Pre-Tax Funds to Acquire Life Insurance for Estate Planning Purposes

● Life Insurance for Estate Liquidity

●Many Other Advanced Planning Strategies

Disclaimer: The foregoing information is not intended to be tax, legal, investment or property and casualty advice and is provided for general educational purposes only. Neither Wealth and Legacy Group, nor its subsidiaries, agents or employees provide tax, legal, investment or property and casualty advice. You should consult with your tax, legal, investment or property and casualty advisor regarding your individual situation.