How We Get Compensated

At Wealth and Legacy Group, we have built our business model based on transparency, especially when it pertains to how we get compensated.   Below are the ways we serve our clientele:


1- Private Client Advanced Insurance Contract Acquisition –   As an independent firm, we utilize numerous insurance companies based on your unique situation and the intended objectives you are looking to accomplish.  To this point, based on the insurance company we choose to utilize, our firm receives a commission which is paid directly from the carrier to our firm.

How we get Compensated: Commissions Paid by Insurance Company

□ Acquisition of Life Insurance Contract[s]

□ Acquisition of Disability Insurance Contract[s]

□ Acquisition of Long Term Care Insurance Contract[s]

□ Acquisition of Fixed Annuity Contract[s]


2- Customized Consulting and Coaching –   Clients and trusted professionals we serve engage our firm in the following areas:

How we get Compensated: Hourly or Project Based


□ WLG Policy Checkup™

□ Review Acquisition of New Insurance Contract[s]

• Contracts not acquired through WLG

□ Custom Life Insurance Contract Implementation

□ Expert Witness Consulting

□ Advanced Planning Consulting

□ Protection First Philosophy Planning – Personal

□ Protection First Philosophy Planning – Corporate

□ Captive Insurance Company Implementation


□ L.O.V.E. Planning™

□ Wealth Transfer Conversation™

□ Wealth Threats Conversation™

□ The “5” Capitals Conversation™

□ Generational L.O.V.E. Video™

□ Family L.O.V.E. Meeting™

□ Next Generation Preparation Meeting

□ Successor Coaching/Consulting

□ Communication Coaching/Consulting

□ Next Generation Preparation Coaching/Consulting


3- L.OV.E. Based Multi-Generational Planning™:  This process is an integration of technical advanced planning strategies along with purposeful planning strategies/tools which greatly enhance the chance of multi-generational success with a deep emphasis on increasing family harmony.

How we get Compensated: Project Based

□ L.O.V.E. Based Multi-Generational Experience™

$_________ Project Based Fee

□ Monthly Retainer

$_________ Monthly Retainer Fee

• Begins the Month Following the Completion of the L.O.V.E. Based Multi-Generational Experience™

Note:  Each state has different statutes as it pertains to fee structure and licensing.  Please contact us at 646.402.6300 to see if we are licensed in your state and/or our fee based structure.