What is L.O.V.E. Planning™?


Family wealth is often emotionally charged, especially when you have financial abundance. Wealth creates unique opportunities and challenges. The greatest challenge is the least discussed: the place where money, values, and family intersect. As your level of wealth increases, your decisions become more complex and sophisticated.

As you navigate your legacy planning objectives, you may want to answer these questions:

  • How do I ensure a happy and fulfilled life for myself and my family?
  • How do I transfer my wealth to my children and others I care about?
  • How do I prepare the next generation in my family for the opportunities and responsibilities of wealth?
  • How do I best give and share my resources with others?
  • How do I ensure that my family business (whatever it may be) flourishes?

At WLG, we utilize proven strategies and tools which help increase the probability of generational success, such as:

  • The book ‘Legacy’ by Dr. Richard Orlando – click here to download your complimentary chapter.
  • Solutions for Families and Individuals  – click HERE to learn more
    • Generational L.O.V.E. Videos™
    • Family L.O.V.E. Meetings™
    • Value Statement Cards
    • Next Generation Workshops
    • Personalized Philanthropic Coaching
    • Wealth Transfer Conversation™
    • Wealth Threats Conversation™
    • The movie ‘The Ultimate Gift’
    • Money Savvy Piggy Banks
    • And much more

Lets us help you be intentional in creating your legacy.

Please contact us at 646.402.6300 to discuss how we can serve you, your family and business.