Life Insurance Planning

Wealth and Legacy Group’s business model has been built on the premise that corporations and families of wealth require access to insight, expertise, custom products and concierge service when it pertains to the design, implementation and servicing of their life insurance portfolios.

Today, WLG is a leading boutique insurance advisory firm which focuses on wealth creation, protection and preservation/transfer for affluent families. Our emphasis is to design and service customized life insurance solutions that offer flexibility for the future while meeting today’s needs.

Estate Liquidity:

Provide cash so that assets does not have to be sold.

Human Life Value Protection

Provides full economic replacement value to the beneficiaries in the event of a premature death of the insured

Permission Slip

Provides financial confidence in knowing that assets can be fully utilized while alive since there is a permanent death benefit which will replenish the assets to the heirs when the insured passes away.

Transferring Concentrated Stock Positions to Heirs:

Making sure that heirs do not have to sell stock at the wrong time.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan Liquidity:

Provides funds to be able to cash out participants’ accounts.

Estate Equalization:

When other assets are not being distributed equally, life insurance can be used to equalize the amounts among all the beneficiaries (such as when one beneficiary gets property like a business interest that is worth far more than the assets left to distribute among the other beneficiaries).

Income with Respect to a Decedent:

Prevent erosion of assets that are subject to income taxes after death as well as estate taxes, such various retirement accounts, royalties, etc…

Create Tax Advantaged Income:

Provide an income stream by converting non incoming producing assets into income producing assets. Usually accomplished by employing charitable planning strategies.

Business Continuity:

Ensuring that the business will be able to continue by providing funds needed in the event of the death(s) of senior management through key person insurance and/or by funding business transfer agreements.

Address Multiple Marriage Issues:

A way to provide for children from more than one spouse and to provide for a spouse, especially in conjunction.

Magnify Philanthropic Contributions:

Allows philanthropically minded individuals to utilize a time tested asset class to preserve capital, enhance yield, and allow them to magnify and perpetuate their philanthropic contributions.