Protection First Planning

At Wealth and Legacy Group we have a protection first philosophy to creating and protecting our client’s wealth. Our clients typically have amassed a substantial amount of wealth and our role in their lives is to help protect what they have amassed by utilizing a macro-economic approach.

When a new building is being built, the builder starts with a set of plans and a rendering created by the architect. Then the builder pours the foundation on solid ground and then works on the first floor, second floor and so on until the roof is installed properly protecting the entire building.

The same philosophy holds true with your wealth. Does it matter if you have amassed a substantial amount of assets if everything you own is at risk? Having a protection first philosophy will allow you to accumulate more wealth while knowing that everything you have worked hard to create is properly protected.

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  • Having the maximum amount of property and casualty insurance coverage
    (auto, home, umbrella, etc…)
  • Having an individual disability income insurance policy to replace your income in the event of an unforeseen disability or accident
  • Having a long term care policy, which will shift the risk to an insurance
    company in the event of a long-term care need.
  • Having the proper legal documents drafted to ensure your wishes are fully
    carried out (wills, trusts, healthcare proxies, guardians, etc…)
  • Having a properly drafted and funded buy/sell agreement.
  • Having the proper amount and type of life insurance coverage to protect
    your business and/or loved ones.