The Wealth Manager

As the quarterback of your client’s wealth, you play a vital role in creating, protecting and transferring their wealth to future generations.

At Wealth and Legacy Group, we understand life insurance is a piece of your clients overall wealth.  Over the years, we have found wealth management teams to be extremely well versed in managing their client’s investment portfolio risks, however not as competent in the discussion around life insurance.  The same holds true for life insurance professionals who hold themselves out to be full service wealth managers, when their core competence is life insurance design.

Our firm has taken a unique and independent perspective, no one on our team will be investment licensed allowing us to bring our knowledge and expertise to “mission driven” wealth management teams without creating a conflict of interest. This allows us to collaborate with the appropriate wealth management teams to help them acquire more business and provide more value to their HNW and UHNW prospects and existing client base.  This perspective allows your team to gather more assets under management while partnering with our firm for all of your advanced life insurance planning needs.

When we say collaborate, we truly mean creating something of greater value than one can accomplish on their own.  Whether that means a brainstorming conversation on the phone, a strategy meeting via webinar or at your office (with or without your client), WLG providing an article to help educate your client or prospect or anywhere in between, our sole intention is to provide value to you to enhance the value you provide to your clients.

With over a decade of experience, we are well versed in collaborating with wealth management teams who serve HNW and UHNW clientele.  Some of the largest producing teams from around the nation utilize our firm as a “think tank” when it pertains to the utilization of advanced insurance solutions, especially in connection with their client’s estate and business succession planning needs.

Below is an overview of how we can provide value to you and the client’s you serve:

  • Policy Checkup™ and Acquisition – Learn More
  • Protection First Philosophy Report – Learn More
  • Advanced Pension Plan Design utilizing Permanent Life Insurance – Learn More
  • Captive Insurance Companies – Learn More
  • Premium Financed Life Insurance – Learn More
  • Split Dollar Arrangements – Learn More
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation – Learn More
  • Estate and Business Succession Planning Document Review*

*WLG does not provide tax, legal, investment or property and casualty advice

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  • Securities regulations “strictly prohibit” comparing illustrations of hypothetical life insurance policy values for the purpose of determining policy suitability or competitiveness because such comparisons omit material facts and are “misleading”. To read FINRA Rule 2210, Click Here


To explore the mutual benefits of a strategic partnership with our firm, please contact Danielle Reyes, Partner and Chief Relationship Officer at 646.402.6300 Ext. 302 or email